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When you’re working in the SEO profession, you have to be attuned with frequently changing algorithms of Google that can impact your website performance severely on SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). Nonetheless, some algorithms may influence in a positive way if your website has been built to adhere to all the guidelines of Google. 

Google makes on an average 9 updates per day which is a copious amount. Some of them are major updates that are definitely going to shake up your website’s rankings. But don’t need to freak out and carefully scrutinize the scenario. Here are a few tips to survive in this ever-changing SEO algorithms game:

Google is Everything

The very first advice is to do what Google says. You can follow the Web Developer’s guides and subscribe to the Webmasters newsletter to roll with the bandwagon. It will help to diminish the effects of an Algorithm update or probably a complete saviour for your website.

Follow Gary Illyes and John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analysts, on Twitter. They keep on updating about all-new Google Algorithms changes and will help to heads-up on SEO trends.

Keep Track of your Traffic and position:

Best time to figure out about the algorithm change is when it just rolls out, so you can protect your website from its consequences. Keep following your website’s traffic on Analytics and the rankings. And if you see an unexpected drop in traffic or rankings, then you should visit MozCast or SEMRush Sensor. These tools will show the turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous day. 

Optimize your Content and fix the thin content

Most of Google’s updates are related to content. As we all know “Content is the king in SEO“. So ensure that your website has the required amount of content along with keywords inclusion.  If you want to stay at the forefront of your industry, you’re going to need to update your content frequently. 

Perform SEO Audit frequently 

Use webmaster to check the crawling errors on your website and perform an SEO audit regularly to fix any errors related to indexing, crawling, or any on-page issue. We need to be up to date so any changes will not shake our website’s performance. 

Make sure your website is Mobile-Friendly, has good mobile/desktop speed, doesn’t have any broken links or spammy links.

Google always makes updates to enhance user- search experience. Don’t get disheartened if you are being pushed back. To keep a high SERP rank and appearance no matter how the algorithm changes, create high-quality, user-friendly content.