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Internet of things, also known as IoT, can be defined as a system of hardware existing in the physical world that is connected to the internet and which is able to collect and exchange data. Trigma is a top IoT services & solutions provider that helps your business reach out to the audience effectively with IoT. Trigma covers all aspects like Telecom, IT, and Financial Services.

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IoT Solutions for Automotive

We are providing connectivity solutions for automobile manufacturers and are building an innovation center that can be used by other dealerships or enterprises to try out new technology. With the help of Bluetooth-powered OBD-2 devices, GPS, Geofencing, and IoT technology, we develop and deliver Connected Cars solutions. It helps in gathering real-time and constant data about the vehicle’s driving behavior and brings with it a number of significant advantages for personal and business drivers such as – improved fuel efficiency, enhanced vehicular safety (utilizing predictive analytics), automated notifications to the driver providing useful hands-free insights into current driving style, etc. It helps in IoT applications and solutions like:

  • OBD-2 based Vehicle Diagnostic Solution
  • Remote Vehicle Monitoring
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring & Safety
  • Smart Fleet Management System
  • Predictive Vehicle Maintenance
  • Smart Transportation & Logistics
  • School Bus Tracking

Smart Home Automation

You may then want to automate the processes that still require manual handling and this is where we come in. We deliver ultimate in-home living and lifestyle experiences leveraging IoT technology applications such as Voice-controlled devices, Smart locks, automated curtains, and much more. Home automation systems are operational by both Android and iOS apps. Serving as the control station for all home automation needs, the app will also allow one to control and monitor switches, schedule devices, review alarm logs, door contact, motion & light sensors, Smart thermostats, Indoor security cameras, smart locks, etc.

  • Parking Management
  • Home Security Management
  • Measure & Control Home Environment with IoT Sensors
  • Manage Home Appliances with IoT based Mobile Apps
  • Run Personalized Schedules
  • Control Home Access
  • Water Leakages Detection
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Savings & Optimization

IoT Solutions for Retail

Utilizing the most advanced IoT solutions, you can enter new markets by leveraging existing infrastructure. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the industry and partnerships with retailers, we provide the certainty that IoT solutions will optimize your infrastructure while fully meeting customer needs. We offer a range of the best IoT technologies and solutions that help entrepreneurs and retailers to improve customer experience and maximize customer loyalty, create opportunities for higher conversion rates and minimize the risk of losing business.

  • Smart Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Mirror for Virtual Try-on
  • Smart Shelves
  • Smart POS
  • Smart NFC based Payments
  • BLE based Proximity Marketing
  • Smart Delivery Management
  • Inventory & Warehouse Automation

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is exponentially changing the way manufacturers operate. The combination of data analytics, automation, and predictive systems is redefining how business gets done. We help enterprises and manufacturing streamline complex business processes while enhancing overall productivity with Industrial IoT applications. Our smart manufacturing and industry IoT applications aggregate data from a variety of sources, as well as address the needs for real-time compliance monitoring. This application specifically focuses on how changing the inventory mix will have an impact on delivery time, work in progress, material cost, and operating profit.

  • Complete Factory Automation
  • Remote Monitoring & Quality Checks
  • Track Manufacturing Equipment with IoT Sensors
  • Smart Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Smart Warehouse Management System
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • Custom Web and Mobile Apps for Analysis

Smart Healthcare

We are using internet of things technology to design smarter environments that could satisfy the needs of the modern-day hospital. Our bespoke and smart healthcare solutions are custom built using IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other technologies like Android app development, AR-VR, wearables, etc. Designed for simplicity, HIPAA compliance, and clinical quality applications, our solutions are perfect for healthcare agencies looking to leverage the IoT data for predictive analytics to increase organizational management with measures like workflow optimization, the accuracy of clinical information that is available on-demand, or at will.

  • Remote health monitoring
  • Ambulance telemetry
  • Drug tracking
  • Hospital asset tracking
  • Remote Patient Diagnostics
  • AI-ML Driven Health Diagnosis
  • Hospital Mobility Solutions
  • IoT for Health Insurance Companies
  • Apps for Medical IoT Devices
  • Smart Inventory Management

Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management is an IoT company that simplifies the process of energy management. Implementing this solution will not only provide you with savings but also applications for improvement. We provide predictive analytics for all industries and help identify any waste that may be present in order to reduce carbon footprints. With help from our platforms, organizations can completely transform their energy consumption and consistently avoid peak energy periods and peak energy costs.

  • Smart Meter Systems
  • Remote Energy Equipment Monitoring
  • Predictive Energy Optimization
  • Data Analytics

IoT for Raspberry pi

IoT is one of the most talked-about topics these days. Especially when you are talking about IoT for Raspberry Pi, it is essential to have a strong platform to innovate on. From a GPS tracker to a weather station, there are many examples of IoT projects backed by Raspberry Pi. An IoT project backed by Raspberry Pi follows a simple design, implementation, and modification route, making it highly suitable for IoT applications.

  • Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • Advanced Animal Tracking Platform
  • Raspberry Pi for Contactless Thermal
  • Scanning
  • Home Automation System
  • AI Assistant and more

IoT for Arduino

The connected objects can be anything from light bulbs to RC cars and everything in between. IoT Cloud is a platform that serves three main purposes: it lets you remotely monitor your devices by sending push notifications, editing the information on a device without having to touch it, and automating various tasks – all from a simple interface. Hire Trigma for Arduino – it can convert your web content into machine-readable instructions that we connect to the machine using Machine Control.

IoT for Agriculture

Agriculture is something that can benefit greatly from the IoT especially in this day and age of technology. The features offered by the internet of things are endless, for instance, smart farming equipment can help reduce farm production costs while ensuring food safety at all stages. Our smart manufacturing and industry IoT lets you control anything from pumps, sheds, and tractors to weather stations and computers.

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