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Summer is here and it’s shining brighter than ever.

Android will be expanding the ways to keep us safe (says so on their website). 

Google is back in action with 7 NEW features, all for android. All these features are not limited to Pixel only but to every android user. No one will be left out with these features, this is great news because the features announced are useful. This is the first time Google is announcing all features into an announcement post. 

Android is aiming at making users’ experiences more meaningful. All these features can come in handy in daily lives. Enough with the introduction, discover more about the features in detail.

1. Earthquake Alerts Global Launch 

Every second matter in an emergency and quick actions are required to keep us and our loved ones safe. The Android Earthquake Alerts System alerts you before an earthquake hits, so you can seek out shelter faster.

Image Credit: Storage

In the U.S. alone these alerts will be powered by the ShakeAlert system. For the rest of the globe, mobile devices will work together to create the world’s largest earthquake detection system. This feature will not come in between your privacy. 

2. Now You Can Star Important Messages

We receive many messages daily, some of them are significant and we might need to view those messages again sometime. With so many messages on your phone, finding one can be time-consuming especially on a busy day. With this android new feature, you can star the message and easily find it later without scrolling much.  

Image Credit: cdn57

Pheww…moving on…coming to ‘third’ new feature

3. Shortcut on Google Assistant 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to access all your favorite apps with your voice command? 

We’ll let you sink this one in…

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

Google Assistant takes you to the right where you wish to be in your favorite app- with the help of a new feature using just your voice. For example; you want to search “tops for women” on eBay- with the new feature all you have to say- “Hey Google, search tops for women” and voila you’ll see the latest search results. 

4. Emoji Kitchen updates

Do you find yourself in a position often when you cannot figure out which emoji to use? Google is here to help you out as always now with the new ‘emoji kitchen update’, you can discover the apt emoji combination as soon as you type a message. 

Image Credit: 9to5 Google

The suggestion is based on your text voice which means emoji will be perfect. It 100% depends on you whether you want to go forward with the emoji or not. 

5. Gaze Detection on Voice Access

Image Credit: 9to5 Google

Gaze detection in beta has voice access now! Yes, now you can ask the feature to activate only when you are ‘gazing’ at the screen. How does this help me you might wonder…? Well because of this update now voice access can give you fast and efficient phone and app navigation with only your voice command.


We hope the new updates do not disappoint you, we are certainly not. We love all the new features and are waiting for their launch eagerly.